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Belmont Shore

Hugged by the Pacific Ocean and Belmont Shores, Belmont Heights is a quaint homage to the golden age of Los Angeles. Its famous Eliot Lane preserves the charm and history of bygone years with Craftsman Bungalows dating back to as early as 1905. Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier is a landmark dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces and provides a calm escape for fishing and strolling.

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Schools in Belmont sHORE

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Shopping and Dining in Belmont SHORE

  • Tavern On 2 - "Amazing food... that's all there is to say!"

  • Retro Row- “Independently owned and operated stores that offer goods, food, and services you won’t find anywhere else.”

  • Sweet Threads- “Cute kids vintage and non vintage clothing store to add something special and unique to your kid’s closet!”

  • Claire’s at the Museum- “Restaurant on the beautifully landscaped campus at the Long Beach Museum of Art”
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History of Belmont SHORE

  • In 1920, the area had been a part of the Naples tract that was purchased in 1903 by Henry Huntington.

  • Oil was discovered on Signal Hill in 1921 and resulted in an astounding demand for inexpensive housing.

  • It's population that includes some of the highest numbers of doctors and lawyers in all of Long Beach.
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