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jessica panzica

Jessica has worked in real estate for more than 12 years and been close friends with Scott for even longer. She launched her career in property appraisals and then (after a little convincing) took the leap to become an agent. While her responsibilities have changed during her career, Jessica’s passion for interacting with people and understanding their needs has never wavered. Nowadays Jessica uses her skills not just as Kato Group’s lead Seller’s Agent, but also as a partner in directing the growth and success of the entire group.

Jessica is an expert in discovering the value of homes, never missing even the smallest details that are often overlooked. Her combination of expertise and excellent communication have helped hundreds of people earn the most for their properties.

Among being an awesome mom to three children and one french bull dog named Enzo (you can follow him on Instagram @enzo_pied_piper), Jessica makes time to be involved with the National Charity League and her local elementary school. You might also catch her exercising, relaxing at the beach, or hosting one of her legendary pool parties.


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