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david palmer

When it comes to David Palmer, the cornerstone of his professional background is discipline. In fact, he spent a decade mastering it.

Palmer is a native of Buffalo, NY, and has lived in Long Beach since 1999. But you can also say he’s also a native of the nation’s armed forces, having served in the U.S. Navy from 1978-1988.

After entering the Naval Academy in 1978, Palmer graduated in 1982 and spent six more years in the Navy, including a deployment to the Western Pacific (WESTPAC). It was in the Navy that Palmer learned the guiding principle for how he conducts business on a daily basis.

“In the Navy, it was all about discipline and getting the job done, especially at sea. You have to get job done. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. If there is a fire onboard, there is no fire department. It’s about being self sufficient, resourceful, building camaraderie, respecting authority and being respectful of those around you. You have to be able to work with a team.”

Those lessons remained with Palmer as he began to explore his professional career after serving his country. Immediately out of the Navy, he became a jazz dancer and as he puts it, did the “starving artist thing” for awhile.

From there, Palmer went into sales, including life insurance, phone and data service plans, and even vacuums. And from there, he ventured into the world of mortgage and real estate, putting all of his focus on real estate in 2002, where he started with First Manhattan Mortgage and Real Estate. From there, Palmer landed at First Team Real Estate in Santa Ana in 2007, First Team Real Estate in Rossmoor in 2010, and made his way to KWPE in 2015.

During his nearly 15 years in the business, Palmer has learned that honesty and respect, two lessons he learned in the Navy, are key in creating successful working relationships.

“Truthfulness is the priority. You want to treat the buyer or seller like your family. Treat them with respect. And also, respect their intelligence. Sometimes, you can’t withhold information that might be painful for them. You have to give them an honest recommendation.”

Consequently, Palmer has found that those honest conversations with buyers and sellers has led to him earning their respect and trust, and has helped him to create friendships as opposed to just transactions.

“I like to help people accomplish goals, like purchasing their first house or selling their first house or anything they want to accomplish. Selling someone their first house is always great because all the stress goes away once you hand them the keys. I like to guide people through some of the turbulence. There will be bumps in the road, but when it’s all done, you’re going to have your palace. And all the bumps in that journey will melt away.”

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